How It Works

What is Gigable™?

Gigable brings amazing new music to more fans. We work with touring artists to provide more exposure for their music, build their fanbase and increase concert attendance.

Why we did create it?

Gigable was created by musicians who understand the dynamics and needs of musicians, fans and venues. Our mission is to bring great music to more people every day.


For Fans

  • Discover new artists and get tickets to local shows (Download our free mobile app!)

  • Take an active role in promoting and supporting your favorite artists

  • Create a “fan-powered” concert or house concert

  • Interact with your favorite artist/band while your concert campaign is running

“Wow, just wow.  I can’t believe we were able to experience a show like this so close to home!”

– Denise H. (Music Fan)

“Thanks for bringing Tyler Barham to Chicago. We love his music and couldn’t wait to see him locally.”

-Vince M. (Tyler Barham Fan)

For Artists, Managers and Bands

  • Opportunity to be discovered in new areas

  • Know who your fans are – and where!

  • Sell tickets via our website and app!*

  • Pre-sell tickets and create incentives to build anticipation and attendance

  • Data-driven and fan-powered touring

“That was the most packed house concert I’ve ever played. Great turnout!”

-Alex Dezen (Singer/Songwriter from band The Damnwells)

“We love what you’re doing with Gigable.  This opens up a whole new level of touring for us at much more desirable venues.”

-John Griffin (Singer/Songwriter-Manager-Producer Owner at YNR Productions/YN Records}

For Venues & Producers

  • Promote new music while reducing or eliminating the risk of poor attendance and lost revenue

  • Enhance your relationship with artists by managing expectations up front for each show

  • Promotes the venue and attract new patrons!


Get Started

What are crowdfunded concerts?

Crowdfunding is the practice where many individuals “pledge” toward a funding goal for a project. With Gigable’s crowdfunded concerts, fans are pledging for a ticket (or other rewards/incentives) to a gig that will only happen if the goal is met.

For example, Julie’s favorite artist is known to play house concerts, but he lives 2000 miles from her. Julie connects to the artist through Gigable and finds out he will play a house concert in her town for $1000 plus expenses. She then launches a campaign to sell 40 tickets at $45. She posts on social media and informs other fans of the potential show. Fans pledge for a ticket on Gigable and once the goal is met, the date is set and the gig is on!

Crowdfunding has been used to create countless successful shows at traditional venues as well as non-traditional venues including house concerts.

In 2013, the crowdfunding industry grew to be over $5.1 billion worldwide.


*10% fee for standard ticketed show, 8% fee for crowdfunded show. Our staff will help insure a smooth gig from start to finish.