Fueling your music scene



Do you feature only local musicians?

Our roster of artists, which we've been building over the past 4 years, contains solo artists and bands from all around the world - as well as from Chicagoland. Our immediate goal is to bring the cream-of-the-crop to the Chicagoland area since this is our home base. Very soon (2019) we will be expanding shows to Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin & Iowa.

Which genres can I find in the app?

We like to categorize Americana as a "blanket genre" that includes the sub-genres of; Roots Rock, Alt-Country, Country, Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Indie and the like. At this time, all the music in the app is focused in this vein. We are certainly open to other genres as we grow our listenership.

How does the app work?

The app is designed to quickly and easily let a music fan listen to emerging music and find shows. Since our footprint is focused in Northern Illinois right now, most of the shows are bands touring the region. You can pick a playlist and listen with no interruptions. You can skip songs and favor songs to build your own "Favorites Playlist."  If the artist you are listening to is touring your area, the show and ticket information are displayed.  If we are selling the tickets to the show, you can purchase the tickets with a few clicks right in the app.

Can I buy tickets on the website?

All of our digital ticketing is done via our free app..

Why can't I buy tickets to all shows listed in the "On-Tour" playlist?

We are striving to partner with promoters and venues who host artists in our catalog.  Please keep checking back as more will become available every month.