Seventh Annual Michael Gurley Weekend in Chicago (Oct. 27-28)

By Midwest dada fanbase

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Michael Gurley is bringing his brilliance back to Chicagoland yet again this year. Two nights to choose from. He’ll be playing originals, covers, standards, dada, Nightcaps, and anything else he wants for two nights in intimate venues in the western suburbs of Chicago. Anyone who has been to a Gurley show in the past can tell you what a great evening it is. Be there and be blown away!

Friday –  10/27/17

Tobias Music

5013 Fairview Ave # 2

Downers Grove, IL. 60515

Doors: 7pm

The Downers Grove show will be in an intimate listening room inside a private business. Plan for your own refreshments, as this venue does not have a bar or a kitchen. If you would like suggestions of places to eat in Downers Grove, you can contact Mike Tobias at Doors at 7, music at 8.

Saturday – 10/28/17

Geneva House Concert

The Geneva show will be at the home of Art and Melanie Hall, who hosted MG in 2012. They will be providing food, but BYOB. Plan for food at 7 at the latest, music at 8. 

We’ll provide the addresses to these locations a few days before the show, to those who have bought tickets. The hosts strongly encourage pre-purchasing tickets, both due to space limitations, and for the convenience of the producers. It would be greatly appreciated if you buy early.

If you have questions on the Day of Show, contact Mike Tobias at 630-853-3721 (Friday) or Jen Gies 615-509-4760 (Saturday)


The DVD will be shot with different technology this year, if our editor in Wyoming is on board for editing.

Listen to dada’s new single, “The Bluebird” in our free streaming app (iOS).



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