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Gigable™ was created by musicians and super-fans.  We think bands should be able to grow their fanbase and play new venues with more control over the process. Our mission is to empower artists/bands to reach more fans and play to packed rooms.

Our official iPhone app launch was July 1, 2016. We built “Gigable Music Discovery” to allow busy music fans to more easily find amazing music by choosing a hand-curated playlist. There aren’t millions of songs to wade through. Choose a playlist and press play. Our staff of musicians and music aficionados scour the planet for the best music in the depths of the long tail.

The key feature for the Gigable app is that listeners will get an automatic playlist of the best new music by artists touring near them.  We call this the “On-Tour” playlist. If the ticket button is lit, you can securely purchase a ticket to a show, right in the app. It’s effortless to find your next favorite song/band and get a ticket to see them live.

Gigable was launched in 2013, pioneering crowdfunded shows and house concerts. The years 2014 and 2015 were foundation for our startup. We branched out with concerts into markets in other parts of the country. This year, we are continuing to grow the audience for emerging artists and drive them to listening via the app. Our goal remains to help these emerging artists grow their fanbase and increase show attendance.


Beverly Review – 7/15/16

NW Herald – 3/30/16



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