Michael Gurley at Haymarket Brewery, Chicago

By Jen Gies

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Michael Gurley Solo Show!

When: October 15, 2016

Where: Haymarket Brewery (map)

Time: 8 pm

Tickets: $15 – $45

Important: Since this is a delayed payment authorization, we need to use PayPal.  Please verify your PayPal account (if it’s not already) after ticket pledge. Thank you!

Ticket Availability:

Prime Seating – $45 (40 available) Sold Out!

Regular Seating – $40 (24 available16 left!)

Bar Seating – $25 (21 available)

SRO – $15 (18 available)

DVD – $12

Live Stream – $10 (via Concert Window)

Gigable is pleased and proud to bring Michael Gurley’s solo show back to Chicago.

It’s been two years since Michael has brought his music to the strong fan base of the Midwest. For five years, (2010-2014), we had intimate house concerts with dinner and a show at some lovely homes in the west suburbs of Chicagoland.

This year, the show is in a beautiful public venue that will allow everyone a seat at tables or the bar. Haymarket is owned by a married couple who are dada fans. They haven’t been able to come to any of the house concerts, but the 2014 house concert put us on each other’s radar. That means that technically, the Haymarket show has been in the works for over two years.

Thank you for being part of it, on both Haymarket’s and Gigable’s behalf. We couldn’t do this without you. Meeting the “100%” goal of this campaign equals funding that covers only the bare minimum of the required expenses to bring Michael to Chicago from Los Angeles. 

This show was already long in the making before Friday’s producer offered a show to Michael. That is why there is a discrepancy in ticket prices: this campaign bears the responsibility of flight and hotel costs. Both shows are contingent on meeting funding in this campaign.

Keep in mind that the percentage of funding for the show does NOT equal percentage of seats sold. 

“One hundred percent” does NOT mean “sold out.” We have room for plenty of fans at Haymarket.

Seats at any level are available as long as the drop-down menu says so, when you go to purchase.

You know how much we love “Martian Named Mack” and “River Called Love” and “Two Different Girls.” You know that this is the next-best thing to a dada show. You know how much we love our “family reunions.” We hope to expand the family this year by welcoming Kiefer Sutherland fans to enjoy more of what KSB has given them a taste of: the stellar and singular talent of Michael Gurley!

To quote Ace Merrill (Kiefer’s character in Stand By Me), “This is bigtime, baby.”

Let’s bring MG to Haymarket!

Photo of Michael Gurley: Stacey Smith Photography www.slsphoto.net


  1. Jen Gies Jen Gies

    Jen here. Thank you, as always, to everyone who made the Michael Gurley shows possible. What a fantastic weekend it was this year: two shows, two venues, two setlists, two crowds. It always energizes me to gather Michael’s fans and bring the music to such an appreciative audience. There will be some information going out to those who ordered the DVDs. Send a message to this page if you are still interested in a DVD. Anyone who was at the show and took video and wants to contribute so we can have a multi-camera production, please let us know so we can connect you with our video editor in Wyoming.

    Can’t wait to do it again next year (unless there’s a dada 25 tour going on, which will pre-empt it)!

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